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Victoria’s Future in Responsible Canine Guardianship- Smarter laws, safer communities
(Retrieved 15/11/16 from https://responsiblecanineguardianshipvictoria.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/victorias-future-in-responsible-canine-guardianship.pdf)
victorias-future-in-responsible-canine-guardianship (click to download)
Although this example is set in an Austrlian context (Victoria), the initiatives and suggestions are applicable to the New Zealand context too.

Coping with Working with Animals in Shelters and Rescues
(Retrieved 14/11/16 from https://www.rspcaqld.org.au/~/media/RSPCA/Events/Animals%20in%20Focus/Tanya%20Signal.ashx?la=en)
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This powerpoint presentation was prepared for education about Compassion Fatigue.

Compassion Fatigue: Emotional Burnout in the Animal Welfare Field
belladog (click to download)
(Retrieved 30/08/16 from http://www.compassionfatigue.org/pages/belladog.pdf)
A quick guide about actions you can take to prevent or deal with Compassion Fatigue.

Order Matters: It’s Up To You to Set Your Dog Up for Success
(Retrieved 20/09/16 from.http://www.collared-scholar.com/order-matters-its-up-to-you-to-set-your-dog-up-for-success/ )
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An excellent summary of priorities in training and how to communicate well effectively.