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Contact us to share your stories of animal welfare organisations (Have you adopted? Have you volunteered? Special people you’ve met at the local shelter?)

Maybe you’ve run into us in our travels. We’d love to hear from you with your stories of when we have passed through your town.

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Highlights from your emails:

“Kia Ora Stephen, Delighted to meet up with you this morning (Sat. 18th March) in the Motueka Valley and Jennie gave you a wee donation. We fly home to Scotland tomorrow, but I will put the pictures I took on Facebook and Twitter – hopefully that will help a wee bit! You are doing a great thing and we will keep up with you on the website. I include the pics I took with this e-mail. All the best” – Pete and Jennie

“We saw you along the road and waved. One of the many campers but had a bus barreling down our tail so couldn’t stop to chat. Looked you up though and wanted to send you praise and encouragement. Love what you’re doing and will send along a donation for sure.
Keep up the good work.”
-Sebastian and Francine

“What an inspirational journey – well done to the 3 of you!”
– Anonymous donor

Jake finds his darker twin in Karitane- Brendan & Suzi

“Brilliant work! Such an awesome cause! And such an awesome thing to do!!!!! We need more people like you in the world!!!! Thank you!”

“Dude, saw a picture from my friend Marty and resonated with your mission. Takes a special courage to follow your true destiny. Good on you for spreading awareness and growing your own”

“Thank you Stephen I truly appreciate what you are doing…. people like you to help promote animal welfare issues. . Sometimes all it takes to make things better is for one person to decide to do something.”

“Go you! You waved to me today which I was amazed by and so took note and looked you up. Thanks for doing what you are doing”

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( ^ I even have my own theme music for this one! Feels just like being a pro wrestler)
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