“No Kill” label divides shelters, diminishes impact

Important to really understand what “no kill” is about

Michigan Humane Society

The term “no kill” is often thrown around by both animal welfare professionals and those who are passionate about saving pets. But what does it actually mean? Ask four different people and you will receive four different answers. The term “no kill” is inherently admirable but has become equally, if not more, divisive.

Why is the term divisive? It creates confusion, and confusion creates division. What we need is clarity. With no real definition to drive our thoughts, many use the term to praise or condemn one shelter over another, to discredit an organization, and to demean those working there. Here is what I know is a concrete truth in animal welfare: People in this profession are here because they want to make a difference – they want to save lives.Chico - Before - Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 11.36.37 AM
Using the term “no kill,” a vague label, to compare one shelter to another fails to take into consideration…

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